Dating a girl with green eyes

Single people, does it bother you seeing Valentine's Day merchandise displayed at stores? Is dating in middle school really as horrible as people say? What Girls Said They're very beautiful and rare. Your eyes are pretty!

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Omg yes ofc, best eye color EVER! You have very similar eyes to my best friend, I find them to be beautiful! I generally prefer dark eyes but it's not unattractive, they look pretty cool. Therefore it is natural that people with green eyes have a different allure which attract onlookers. The top most 7 characteristics people with Green eyes have are as follows in a decreasing order: Since people with green eyes are unique they tend to look very attractive. Their eyes reflect a mischievous and devious personality.

Their eyes reflect a lot of thoughts but you would be unable to guess properly. Their eyes would reflect intellect and playfulness at the same time. Their behavior includes contrasting poles of wisdom and childishness. Their personality would reflect rebellious behavior.

They take risks in their lives to gain new opportunities and experience new challenges. Green eyed people have impulsive behavioral characteristics. They are humorous and have the ability to be attractive and charming. Their eye magnifies their smile which makes them look more appealing. According to research, people with green eyes have the most fun loving and playful personalities. Green eyed people are hard working and passionate about everything they do whether it is about their profession or their personal lives.

They are sincere and have the gift of being attentive and listen to their speakers.

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They have very strong feelings and emotions about love. A person with Green eyes will bring gifts and flowers to you even when it is not a special day. Since they are passionate about their career they will excel their career profession than the rest. People with green eyes are goal or result oriented and has the will to solve every problem in their way.

These green eyed people have the desire to fulfill excellence in their goal. They are filled with inspiration and passion in everything they do. People with green eyes are purposeful and selfless in their actions. They have clear sense of beliefs and have values as they see life as a series of choices and options which they willing to obey to live.

They are passionate lovers and tend to have long lasting relationships. They are capable of having unlimited patience. People with Green eyes are also said to have a mystical personality which makes them have a curious and Charismatic personality. They have an air of mystery around them. I guess that is why most of supernatural characters whether it is a shape shifting cats with glowing green eyes, witches or most of the Disney animated villain characters have green eyes. There are many myths and legends about supernatural creatures such as vampires and mermaids having green eyes that bewitch their victims with their eyes.

They have unpredictable, mysterious and magnetic personalities. They are quiet and observant. They keep their opinions to themselves. They are contradictory and unique.

They have the ability to be calm and polite while having a conversation. Green eyed people are mostly presumed to be having jealous personalities. Jealousy is a factor which is often termed as the negative feature of their personalities.

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It is associated with green eyed people having jealous personalities. Beauty portrait of model with natural make-up. Make-up of woman eye with khaki eyeshadow.

Beauty portrait of a girl model with make-up,green eyes. Portrait of mysterious beautiful Caucasian Hispanic Latina woman face with green penetrating eyes and green fashion scarf wrapped around head, isolated. Portrait of beautiful black businesswoman wearing suit and tie smiling in urban background.

Woman with afro hairstyle. Portrait of pretty young woman with green beads. Young caucasian woman outdoor portrait over green. Portrait of perfect Makeup.

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Beautiful sexy woman with long Hair. Sexy Beauty Girl with vintage make up on face and painted mask on her eyes. Green eye isolated on white. Sexy Beauty Girl with purple-red Lips. Short Hair Model Headshot. Beautiful young woman in a green dress with curly long hair. Macro image of human eye, green. Photo of beautiful woman with red hair. Close up morning portrait of smiling pretty woman with green eyes, sensual fresh happy face, positive emotions.

Closeup portrait of gorgeous young brunette female model outdoors in winter. Young woman in gray sweater and knitted beanie hat posing, snowy mountains in background. Retouched, copy space, square. Beauty portrait of a sensual Caucasian woman. Portrait close up half of face young beautiful woman, on green background summer nature.

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Close-up portrait of beautiful young African American woman with afro hairstyle and green eyes wearing blue sweater. Fashion Brunette Portrait on a bamboo natural background. Close up beauty portrait view of an attractive young woman eye and pupil looking up to the side, being thoughtful and calm, wearing cosmetics. Healthy skin, sight and beauty care, wellness. Portrait of a European girl with red hair, green eyes and red lips against the olive branch.

Portrait of a young blond woman with freckles wearing a hat in the fall, close-up. Portrait of beautiful female model on sparkling green background. Pretty dark-haired funny young woman dyes her eyelashes, against background of summer green park. Portrait of young and beautiful woman with perfect smooth skin in tropical leaves.

Concept of natural cosmetics and skincare. Green Eye - Beautiful, Feminine. Macro and close-up creative make-up theme: Portrait of a young woman over green background. Close-up of green human eye. Portrait of redhead girl with blue eyes on nature. Face of young woman with freckles closeup. Woman's eye with green eye make-up.